January 2013- “Hive Tarot 4″/ Meats Meier and McEvoy & Rodriguez featured / More!!!


The Hive Gallery and Studios presents:

Hive Tarot 4
Opening: January 5th, 8-11:30PM
$5 Suggested Donation for opening show
Show Runs: January 5- 26th

*A portion of the proceeds for our opening show will go to non-profit Fighting for Fitness, helping train “at risk youth” and obese children in fitness and martial arts

Featured Artist 1: McEvoy & Rodriguez
Featured Artist 2: Meats Meier
Tall Wall Artist: “Hive-Zilla Part 2″- select artists from The Hive’s first Tokyo show exhibit available works
Installation Artist: Paul Wilson


1. The Magician: Stephen Holman
2. The High Priestess: Branden Lukes
3. The Empress: Dustin Myers
4. The Emperor: Roxy Morataya
5. The Hierophant: Alex Schaefer
6. The Lovers: Charlie Chiodo
7. The Chariot: Walt Hall
8. Strength: Allison Torneros
9. The Hermit: Daisuke Okamoto
10. Wheel of Fortune: Clark Walter
11. Justice: Adam Roth
12. The Hanged Man: Matt Dickson
13. Death: Taslimur
14. Temperence: McEvoy & Rodriguez
15. The Devil: Yoko D’ Holbachie
16. The Tower: Alan Kocharian
17. The Star: J. Salvador
18. The Moon: Simon Lee
19. The Sun: Peter Adamyan
20. Judgement: Erik Siador
21. The World: Erick Rodriguez
22. The Fool: Lizz Lopez

January 2013 Minor Arcana Cards:

Celeste Noel- 3 of Swords
Kitty Brown- Queen of Cups
Andrea Ueda- 8 of Swords
Alexander Ziegler- 7 of Wands
Emily Wong- Queen of Wands
David Natale- Ace of Cups
Jamie (Psycho James) Jiminez- Ace of Wands
Daniella Batsheva- Queen of Pentacles
Miss Neda- Queen of Swords
Charles Swenson- 2 of cups
Andy Hernandez- Ace of Swords
Jennifer Korsen- 3 of Swords
Nicolette Spear- 9 of Cups
Stephanie Weitekamp- 2 of Swords
Henry Cram- King of Swords
Dawn Schiller- Page of Cups
Jared Yamahata- Ace of Pentacles
Teod Tomlinson- Prince of Swords
Keith Wong- Page of Swords
Marine Arzuyan- 2 of Pentacles
Cristina Paulos- 2 of Wands
David R- 5 of Cups
Chris Olson- 3 of Pentacles

Hive-Zilla Artists:

Yoko D’ Holbachie / Luke Cheuh / Thomas Han / Mia Aruajo / Craig Cartwright / Jeff Jacobson / Macsorro / Daisuke Okamoto / Eric Staniford

Tunes provided throughout the night by:

DJ Paige
DJ Fuscia
Riley Warren

Hive-Zilla Artists:

Yoko D’ Holbachie / Luke Cheuh / Thomas Han / Mia Aruajo / Craig Cartwright / Jeff Jacobson / Macsorro / Daisuke Okamoto / Eric Staniford

The Hive Gallery Resident Artists:

Teod Tomlinson / Greg Gould / Walt Hall / Sarah Winkle / John Dang / Jinx / J.Salvador / Sphinx /Shrine / Sonik / Stephen Holman / Nathan Cartwright / / Stephan Canthal / Mike Street / Jennifer Korsen / Ave Rose / Annie Terrazzo / Randy Kono / Sara Hedstrom / Alex Schaefer / Patrick Haemmerlein / Ellen Schinderman / Yuki Miyazaki / Doug Meyer / Glenn Fox / Edward Frausto / Ink Pen Mutations / Sarah Ockuly / Marcel DeJure / David Reyes / MaraCole / Graphation / JunkHauler / Daniella Batsheva / Daniel Thomas Williams / Alyssa Beasley / Mark Posey / Eliza Laytner / Arlou Somo Diana Levin /

Alex Chiu http://alexdoodles.com/
Champoy www.champoyhate.com
Daniella Batsheva http://daniellabatsheva.com/
John Haley III

FABRIC ENVIRONMENTS/ INSTALLATION by: Sonik http://www.transmorphic.net/